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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Lord of the Spring Break - Part 2

This is the one thing that I never would have expected. Of all the things that happen to me, I am shocked at this one. I'm almost, I am ASHAMED, to say it really. With a heavy heart, and a pinkish tinge on my face (I've never really been sure if I blush or not) I suppose that I might as well share this revelation with you.

I'm on spring break. And I AM BORED.

That's it. I might as well just fling myself off Champlain bridge during heavy traffic and cause a commotion. Apparently, I can't seem to function with enough sleep, no stress, and no midterms. WTF?!! I always knew that I was difficult (no, that's a lie. I'm not difficult). Fine, I suppose that I am the type of person that always needs to be doing SOMETHING. Anything. Oh, and I can't have more than one night with too much sleep. You probably want to slap me. That's ok. I'd slap me too. It's only the first (official) day of spring break, and here I am bitching about how all of a sudden, my life has no purpose.

Now, this is not to say that I've only been lying around at home catching tidbits of food in my mouth thrown to me by my mom. I actually haven't been home one full day since my last midterm. I even worked yesterday! Not that watching a women's indoor soccer tournament at Marianopolis should be considered work, even though I woke up at 6:30am for it. I did (some) grocery shopping today and tested my shrimp salad recipe to fine tune it for my Meal Event. Yes, people. I am preparing a meal for 50 as a school assignment. Wrap your heads around that one!

This brings me to the frustrating time I had today. I was out looking for a food scale. I figured, Wal-Mart will have one, they have everything. Yeah....they had one and it was 54.97$. Riiiigghhht. So, I went to Zellers. Nada. Zip. So, I go to the specialty kitchen stroes. Apparently, all digital scales cost upwards of 50$!! Except for at The Source, who were sold out!! And thus, I was in a quandry. They had the so-called "antique" models, which were basically a regular scale - needle points to a number...TADA! But, alas, they were bigger and bulkier and not built for precision weighing (cause I REALLY need to weigh my illegal drugs and all). The digital scales were more like me (hoo yeah) - sleek, sophisticated and modern. And also pricey. Soooooo....I went with the one that was really "me" -- the antique, as you may have guessed. Ha ha is right. Come to think of it, it IS more like the real me - big, bulky, old school (or just plain old), not too cheap but cheap enough, and still gets the important stuff done. Hooray for the antiques, we win again!

BTW, congratulations to the women of hockey bearing the maple leaf, you done us proud and YOU ROCK! I'm still trying to convince my parents to put me in hockey....yeah, I know, I'm about 15 years too late for that but hey, you never know. I could be a potential hockey star, albeit one who can't skate backwards or stop.

I figure, the wide world of sports just isn't wide enough for a clumsy, uncoordinated, (almost legally) blind person like me. That may be the reason why I'm an athletic therapist (blogging revelations...spooky)...I'm a wannabe athlete. I can't really do it, but I can still maintain contact with that world. Strange how life unfolds itself. I just wish there weren't so many wrinkles in it. Hmmm....better stop that, I'm getting too serious and I don't like it. See what happens when I don't have REAL things to do?

Ok, ok. So this is the plan. I'm just not going to get too much sleep, go running at the Mcgill track (which I despise), clean my room and do my assignment. At least if I write this down with you as a witness, I will be forced to do it, therefore I have a new found purpose in life. YES!

Go forth and conquer for it shall make a more interesting story than ones about food scales!


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