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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Brain Implosion: Part 1 - Meal event

I feel like it's been ages since I last laid some sarcasm on the world. This is only because 4 hours of sleep a night for two weeks makes your brain fuzzy around the edges so I apologize if my words are not as sharp and biting as usual.

School? School, you say? How is it going? HAH! There's my answer for ya. If only I wasn't such a keener...Oh, I want to learn more! Oh, I want to help people eat better! Oh, I LOVE SCHOOL! WHAT THE HELL WAS I THINKING?!!! That's it...send me back to spring break...please!! I'll never complain about spring break again!!

Really, it's this damn meal event. I swear...2 credits? Are you serious?!! This class has GOT to be worth at least 4 credits. I just spent 4 hours going to every grocery store looking for potted basil!!!! This meal event is kinda cool, different from other classes yeah, but holy toledos, is it ever an insane amount of work. I never want to see a potted basil plant again. But, the moment of truth is tomorrow. This is it. Meal service for 50 goes down tomorrow. And why, do you ask, am I here telling you about it when I only have a million and 3 things to go over and plan for tomorrow? My friend, you must have not read my very first blog.....I am a connoisseur of the fine art of procrastination. Especially when I am a tad stressed. How stressed? Well, my brain is in the process of imploding and I haven't stopped screaming yet...even while I am typing this, I am still screaming. Hey, I'm going to make up my own abbreviations. Instead of LOL, I'm SOL.

Alright, this screaming ninny has got to stop screaming long enough to stuff my face with lots of comfort food. You didn't hear this from me....

Part two to come...Brain Implosion: Part 2 - Micro Midterm right after Meal event!


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