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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Biochem + Crazy People = Long Ass Blog

I swear I was just whining about something not too long ago - I guess the problem was that I hadn't actually published any of it. So, once again, I feel compelled to record the events of non-importance in my life.

Well, the monster I call biochem (boo! hiss!) is put to sleep...well, at least until I find out that I may have to have another fight to the death with it. May I emerge the bloody victor this time and not have to go to a round 2. At least I have a few more days in which I can be blissfully ignorant. After that, when I go missing, you'll be able to find me in front of my prof's office banging down the door in hysterics - begging/crying/threatening ( I know kung-fu! Watch yo' ass..) my way to a passing grade.

On a less whiny note:

Living in Montreal, I'm sure we've all had our fair share of encountering crazies. I do believe that they contribute to the richness of this city. However, I am still always surprised when they spring up.
I was on my way to the library 2 Saturdays ago (Gasp! Damn you biochem!) when I was on the metro. I then noticed a woman (with purple hair) cussin' someone out. Or so I thought. I just knew that I wouldn't want to be on the other end of that. So I looked around for the poor victim....but there was none. She was cussin' out....who knows. That was the first sign of trouble. Then we got to Lionel Groulx and since she was standing with her back against the door, it was inevitable that someone trying to get in would most likely bump into her. And of course, that's what happened. A man, on a cane, no less (and a leather biker cap - what?!) ended up bumping into her before taking a seat on the metro. The mad look in her eye was enough to make my blood run cold. She didn't just look pissed. She looked pissed and C-R-A-Z-Y. Like she was going to mess you up. She didn't disappoint me. She proceeded to cuss out a real person now:

"What?! You just go around bumping into people?! No manners? Can't say excuse me?!" and of course the man was taken aback and said:

"Oh, I'm sorry. Excuse me." But I knew better than that. That wasn't good enough. She wasn't going to let him off THAT easily.

"You have a mouth, you should use it! Is it that hard!" Damn. But now it gets really interesting. Man in the biker cap gets feisty.

"Well, maybe you shouldn't stand at the door with your back facing people trying to get in! Or is that too hard for your purple head to understand?!" Whoa. He just insulted a woman's hair. A black woman's hair. I think he may have a had a deathwish. To my surprise, she backed off! I have to say that I was kinda disappointed. There were still snippets of back and forth going on but I couldn't hear properly. But I thought that was the end of that. I was wrong.

Purple hair lady gets off at the next stop and I think, ah well, it was interesting while it lasted. But I notice that as soon as she gets off the metro, she takes her shoes off. No. No, I can barely contain myself. Is she really going to do it?! She picks her shoes up and turns to the metro. Now, my little heart beating like a mouse, I crane my neck around to get a better view. Now, THIS is making my Saturday better. The metro starts to leave and I think, this is it. But no! She doesn't throw her shoes! Which would make some sort of sense to me, but instead she does something so bizarre that I never would have imagined. She turns to the departing metro and screams:

"You have 24 hours to live, starting Thursday!"


Now, I'm just confused....and a little scared. Did she mean the Thursday that just passed? Or the one coming up? The specificity yet randomness of her hex was throwing me off. After shaking off the confusion, I realized...she just hexed the man!!

I love Montreal.


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