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Friday, May 05, 2006

Books, the karma of Cam Ward, how metro is too sexual? and pop hop

This week started with me stuffing books in boxes and it ended with me stuffing books in boxes. But in between I had some mini adventures...though nothing as shocking as dong man.

As a loyal libary attendee, I jumped at the chance to help make it brand new. You have to understand, at the Mac campus, it's almost as if we are in our own world and not really part of McGill. I was overjoyed to learn that my beloved library would be getting a face lift - translation: renovation!! No more funky orange walls (I hope), no more 70's furniture, no more stuffy dusty air. But in order to do this, all the books must be moved out. Easy, you say? Hah! My library isn't a big one, but when you start packing those books away, it seems as though books materialize out of the dusty air and never seem to end. Of course, I rows did decrease as the days wore on. But damn. I don't want to see another bound journal for a long time. Who the hell reads the Netherlands Journal of Agriculture Vol. 77 anyways?! Books books and more books? Who else better to move books than the students who virtually live at library?

Well, the monotony of books got broken up by some playoff hockey. Totally pumped for Game 6 of round one and of course that has to be the day when the bus driver decides he doesn't know how to drive and I get downtown from St. Anne's with minutes to spare before the anthems begin. Sprinting off the bus, I pulled my hamstring and ran like a cripple to the Bell Centre. Whew. Made it just in time. Ack. All in all, it was pretty crazy (especially the guys that body painted themselves in front of us). But damn. How frustrating is Cam Ward?! Deep in the throes of playoff fever, 21 273 fans screaming's over. What? Well, I have this theory. Remember karma? Our old friend? I believe that it was karma. Somewhere in the middle of the 3rd period, someone kook started a "You suck!" chant. Then some other smart ass added "Cam Ward!". So it became a "You suck....Cam Ward!" chant. So instead of us cheering our beloved Habs in the customary "Go Habs Go", the new chant became quite popular with the masses. And so karma kicks in and boom. We lose. Cam Ward wins. So who sucks Cam Ward now?

At least I got a free towel out of it.

Since exams have pretty much come to a close, some friends and I went to celebrate in the most appropriate Quebec fashion. We went for poutine and beer. After hitting up La Banquise for some poutine duleton, we went to Saint Elizabeth's for drinks. Nice place....we made ourselves home in a what I thought was a rooom designed to look like outside but it really was outside. In any case, our waiter presented an interesting mystery. A tight fitting yellow tee, nice jeans and two pierced ears - he seemed to be what is what they call metrosexual. Super nice guy, but of course "the question" came up. I actually had some doubts...I wasn't really sure. In fact, our group was sort of split on this one. But is there really a way to figure it out? I mean, is there some trick that is foolproof that you can rely on? In any case, at one point, one of my friends was ready to actually instigate a situation to see if he could elicit a reaction. But then...I figured it out. At least I think I did. My other friend (a guy) was just about to finish his beer when our waiter came by to see if he wanted anything else. He came by and said:

"You doing ok?" while his hand was resting on my friend's upper back/shoulder area.

My first thought was "Yep. He's gay."

A straight guy would not randomly touch another guy like that. Unless it was in some dire situation such as when the metro stops suddenly and it's to keep the stranger with B.O. next to you from squashing and passing the smelly germs to you. My mischevious friend who was going to make something happen saw "the touch" and agreed with me. Now, it's true that guys touch other guys (Hello! rugby? Now, those guys sometimes make me wonder) but that's when you know them. When do guys touch random other guys who they don't know from squat? Unless someone has another theory...this is what I'm going with.

On a totally different note...

I've noticed that radio stations now play a wider variety of music. Is it that maintream music is not so mainstream or is different becoming the new mainstream? Well, at least to some degree. The so-called reggae isn't real reggae. Not that I have anything against Sean Paul. And what about this rap/hip hop confusion? In any case, my friend had the most accurate description of the jarble of do-re-mi's that are saturating the ariwaves these days:

Pop hop.

And I think "How right she is."


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