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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Lessons Learned

I hesitate to say that this was an action packed week but nevertheless it passed quickly but not completely painlessly.

Yes, officially I am done with packing books so Wednesday was my first day really off. I spent a good part of the day converting my messy pig sty of a room into an ordered messy pig sty of a room. I don't know about you, but when I clean my room, it tends to get messier before it gets cleaner. It also happens in stages over an extended period of time. Maybe I do it this way so that I don't suffer from shock going from messy to clean. I guess I do better with easy transitions going from bad-bad to bad to not-so-bad to not-bad to meh-ok to ok to zen-like-state. You know, the monks had it right. If I had my way, my room would be devoid of all crap and consist soley of my bed, a bookshelf, my tv and my computer (hey, I bet even the monks check their e-mail once in a while). But, I suppose that I will have to settle for a modern as close to zen as I can get. Which basically just means vacuuming the hidden corners of my so-called sanctuary. And maybe recycling some scrap paper. Always recycle people! I think those Mac campus environmentalist people are starting to get to me...

I have also begun my season working with the Montreal Wanderer's Rugby team. I went to my first practice on Thursday, which didn't go too badly. I do find it strange and most inconvenient that the field that we're supposed to be practicing on is actually not very accessible. By this I don't mean that it is hard to find or anything, but bizarrely, locked up. All gates that should have been open were chained up. Since it is located behind a school, it is understandable that the school entrance is locked up but the other entrance on the other side (which is a park) is also locked up. Very strange indeed. So what are players and coaches and therapists to do? Apparently, we hop fences. Now the last time I felt like a real delinquent was some time ago and my fence hopping skills had turned a little rusty. And this was a semi-tall fence. Crap. Faced with no other choice, myself and my friend, the other therapist, had to get all gangster and jump the bloody thing. Getting up was not so much of a problem. However, from atop a fence, the ground looks level...until you jump down...into a hole. Damn. The ground apparently sloped down and I landed in a hole-ish area. So down goes me. That makes a nice impression....and blast, mashed up my shin. Well, technically my tib. anterior. 2 hours later, I was faced with the same predicament. In order to leave, I had no choice but to jump back over. Ok ok. I can do this. I mean, I've hopped fences before...I've even slid under a fence. Piece of cake. THIS time, I will take off my bag so thatI will not be off balance. Getting up - no problem. Look down - flat ground, good. my thumb. Damn it! I almost had it until I put my hand out and hyperextended my thumb. Next time, I'll get it for sure...but hopefully we'll change practice fields.

But today..oh today. Yeah. Now, I promised myself that this wouldn't happen again. I swore to myself back in October that I would not be in this situation another time. I remember! Shaking my fist to the heavens while the rain poured down and soaked me to the bone leaving me to dry my pants in the bathroom until I burnt the hand dryer out. That resulted in me having to ride back to Montreal from Sherbrooke in a bus with 30 guys in a wife beater and shorts...until somebody with a brain offered me a shirt. That game in Sherbrooke was memorable, I tell you, and not in a good way. I promised that I would never again be caught in another game in the rain without a real raincoat and wellies. And yet, this morning, I looked out the window and said,

"Oh, it's not so bad. It's not raining hard. I'll just wear my new Nike Air Force 1s." My dad mentioned as I was getting ready for my rugby game,

"You should wear your North Face boots. It's raining." Nah...I think it'll be okay. It wasn't raining half as hard as it did in Sherbrooke when I was with my McGill team.

Then I find out we were playing the Montreal Irish. In Ste. Julie. It's basically farmland. That meant bad news for me.

Luckily, we had at least one thing. Bags. Even back in Sherbrooke, 4 hours in the pouring rain, my feet were dry because we double bagged our feet. People laughed, they stared and they pointed. But after 4 hours, I was the one laughing. My feet and shoes were dry. This time, we only had enough bags to go over our socks but not over the shoes. You must imagine that it was bad. A muddy field. Gross. No. It was BAD. To give a comparison, if you know the reservoir at McGill...imagine it all muddy and wet....and it still would have been a dream compared to this field. We were directed to a field that literally had a moat surrounding it. I tried not to think about my shoes. It was worse when we found out that we had to go back to the other field. So, I had to cross the moat again. Blast. Have you ever walked in a muddy spot where your shoe gets suctioned to the ground? Yeah, imagine a whole field of that. Granted, I wasn't actually playing, but I think I may have preferred to. Less painful to just jump into it and not care, than to walk with an umbrella and a kit and still get soaked because the rain is actually falling diagnally. The best was when one of my players went down and I had to cross the field to get to him. Walking was a challenge on the sidelines...on the field - it was like walking on quicksand that didn't quite suck you down the whole way. I actually got my shoe suctioned so hard that my foot came up to take the next step sans shoe. I was in a precarious state of balance. I had to reach with my foot blindly back to shove the same bagged foot into my shoe that I left behind. This happened the entire way there and back. Arg. Somehow, it finally finished. My not for me. When I got home, I spent close to and hour hosing off my track pants and cleaning my shoes. But that was really because my dad refused to let me in the house looking like I took a nap in a puddle. The shoes suffered. But not as bad as I feared. But I'm super pissed that I manage to get myself into the same sticky situation again. Bah! But I swear this will be the last time. By the end of this week I will have wellies. And a real raincoat.


Don't jump a fence and land in a hole.
Don't jump a fence and land on your thumb.
Don't go to bed at 3am.
Don't inhale your breakfast.
Don't disregard the rain.
Don't wear your new running shoes to a muddy field.
Don't forget to bag your feet. Double bag if possible (I promise, in this situation, it's ok!).
Don't poke people in the eye with your umbrella.
Don't let your dad know he was right. Ever.


  • At May 16, 2006 10:44 p.m., Anonymous Darcie said…

    I love those words of wisdom at the very very true.

    Rain sucks big-time! I've been covering LCC rugby games this week, in the pouring rain...yech! I've realized that standing under a tree during wet weather helps a lot. But yeah...your sis mentioned we should go on a MEC date.

    But wow...I love reading your freakin' hilarious. Good stuff!

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