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Tuesday, June 13, 2006

So I Think I Can Dance...

So it's been a while since I've had anything exciting happen in my life. Well, at least I haven't been attacked by any more pervs.

I was busying myself with watching "So you think you can dance". I make no apologies for watching these shows. I mean, honestly! Some of the dancers are insane! And those of you who know me at all can attest to the fact that my favorite movie when I was a kid was Flashdance and that I'm basically a ballerina wannabe. In any case, watching this show the past two weeks was starting to get too much for me to take. I don't know how many of you have watched, but one episode featured some breakers from the Sickstep crew, who are absolutely mind blowing. I mean, I've seen breakers that are good and stuff, but these guys. Wow. Just the choreography and creativity...tears almost came to my eyes. What REALLY got me...3 of them were asian. Now, you see why I was obsessed. Since 2 of the 4 progressed to the next round in Vegas, I was glued to the television watching. I got so stressed it wasn't funny. My favorite, Hok, made it to the final round and had to perform a solo dance before the judges would make a decision on the top 20 that would enter the TV finals. He was amazing and humble. The judges loved him. I loved him. He was going to be in the top 20! Except for the fact that he was in the States on a student visa!! So, technically, he can't compete!! AAUUUGGGHHHHH!!! I was heartbroken. I think I almost started to cry. Such a pity. I don't even know if I'll keep watching the show. It just won't be the same without him. And his cute australian accent.

I've also started dragonboat practices, which is good, since I definitely could use the activity. It's to make up for all the sleeping in I do now (What, after biochem 1 & 2, hell yeah I deserve to sleep till 12 everyday!). I'll tell ya, you can sure tell that you did some crazy sh*t when you wake up the next morning and EVERYTHING is stiff and sore. But for people who like pain (me), this is a good thing. Then again, I'm just a little insane considering that I actually did TWO practices yesterday - a team that was practicing after mine was short paddlers so I decided to help them out. Yeah, insane/masochistic? Me.

Ok, time for me for to lie down in a permanent stretch position. I'll come back and complain more later!


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