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Friday, August 11, 2006

Part 2: A Girl...And Her Phone + Getting Jacked

Come on, the girl just got a new phone. What else could she do? You know, it's really about the journey, not the result.

And I haven't been lazy. Just busy and just struggling to stay awake. It's been one chaotic moment blended with the next. It all started when I had to entertain my three crazy monkey children cousins. A tip: if you go to the waterpark, bring your rattiest stuff. And only pack generic type food.

Case in point:

It's a beautiful day and what better to do than go to the waterpark? NOTHING!! This way, those monkeys can run around, splash everyone with water and won't get into trouble for it. Early to the waterpark, no line up for tickets! YAY! Everything is going so well!!! Valuables in the locker, foodstuffs and outerwear at the designated bench. YAY! Everything is going so well! Ok, split up into two teams. Over 1.2m and under 1.2m. Meet back at designated bench. We're off! First ride, no line up! YAY! Everything is going so well! Second ride, pretty good! Time to meet! Huh? Where's half our stuff? Ah, team 2 probably needed some stuff. We'll just wait. Team 2 arrives.

Team 1: "Hey, did you guys take some stuff with you?"
Team 2: "No." Uh oh. "Why?"
Team 1: "Sh*t! We been jacked!"

Come on. I thought we still lived in a world where we could leave our things with the quiet understanding that you don't jack my sh*t, I don't jack yours. Bastards ruined everything. And if was going so well! And for what? A 15 year old backpack and a canvas Eco-bag with my mom's union name on it. I mean, my stuff wasn't worth money, but it was worth something to me! I mean, that was my favorite 5$ shirt and my free Dawson shorts! And my sunscreen! They wanted to kill me with skin cancer too....sick bastards. And in my cousin's MEC bag? 16 bottles of water. That's it. Maybe I've turned into a vengeful snake, but I hope they herniated a disc running away with the 8L of water on their backs. And my first aid kit that I just put new supplies into!! Don't mess with a therapist and her kit. I almost turned into a super angry She-Hulk when the kids then turned to me and said:

"I'm thirsty, can I have some water?"

Insult on top of injury? Those punks took a bag of Lays chips from our food bag but left the peanut butter sandwiches. I guess they couldn't just have one.

If I ever run into someone sporting a MEC bag, a yellow t-shirt and Dawson shorts drinking a bottle of water and has a band aid on - lord help them because I'm going to remove a body part that will be sorely missed.

Neverless to say, I was looking at everyone with suspicious eyes - although that could have just been because I was squinting from the sun. In any case, everyone was a suspect. We put the rest of our stuff in the car except the empty food bags. I was hoping they would come back and try to steal our stuff only to find that it was trash. Ah well.

May lightning strike your asses you punk ass thieves!!


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