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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Asians and Cowboys

Yeah, yeah, yeah. So I've been MIA for a while. I guess that's what happens when the school year starts while you work two jobs. At least that means I won't have to sell my body for cash anymore.

Fortunately, or not -- depending on how you look at it, I haven't had anything really outrageous happen to me lately. Apparently the perverts have busy schedules in the fall as well.

I have to say, so far I've been somewhat true to my decision of stepping outside of my "comfort zone". I went against all that was in me, bit the bullet, and asian association party. I even joined this association. But let me just say that I did it for a friend. So he owes me BIG. I don't usually do these things. Hanging out with a whole lotta asian people? Unless it was in chinese school/kung fu class/dragonboat, the whole idea makes me feel very uneasy. Maybe it's because I'm used to being the ONLY asian person in a group that I feel odd when I'm surrounded by them. It's as if I've lost my identity! I'm not the token asian chick anymore! What the hell do I do now? I don't have to have witty retorts to people when they ask me what is my nationality/where I'm from/where my parents are from/what language I speak?!! This is too foreign to me. But I have to say, I think I did well. I didn't have to beat up any fobs, had some laughs, got to eat free food and I even won a prize! I think it was a reward for being out of my box. Unless I'm just really good at controlling the outcomes of "random" ticket draws with my mind. Which is probably closer to the truth.

So, I've gone and made the asian connection but I guess it just wasn't enough. I was invited to go the "biggest western festival in eastern Canada". Why not? I've always wanted a cowboy hat.
In the end, my friends and I hopped into a car, drove two hours to a little place called....wait for it...St. Tite's. Yeah. I couldn't stop saying it for days. Now, everything was back to normal. I was back to being the minority. I felt normal again! All the furtive looks, double takes and plain old staring made me feel I was in a small french town with a whole lotta white french cowboys. Bah, that's nothing new. It was a productive day, we left with:

- 6 cowboy hats
- 1 suede belt holster
- 5 beer holders
- 1 toy horse on a stick
-3 bottles of maple syrup wine

I think we did good.



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