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Monday, November 27, 2006

Pipedreams: The Beginnings


Somehow, I can't help but play the little "What if?" game.

What parents kept me in ballet class?

I might have been a ballerina! Well, at least I would have gotten into other types of dance earlier. I think I have some sort of pipedream of becoming a dancer. But then again, I have many pipedreams. However, that's a story for another day. I love to dance! I can't stop moving...I always hear some sort of music in my head. I really think that if everyone in the world were to dance more, the world would be a happier place. There's no time to be self conscious! You should just rock out when a good song comes on...who cares if you look goofy? Well, at least that's what I think. And I'm sure I look plenty goofy dancing like a clown all the time.

Lucky for me...a friend told me about his dance studio's open house. I jumped at this opportunity to try....afro-cuban dance!! I wasn't really quite sure what to expect...but I was so freakin' excited about it! And it turned out to be AMAZING! I sweated tons (whatta workout!), was completely out of breath and had so much fun! I need to find a place that has the beginner class...I wanna dance my little heart out! That same night we went salsa dancing as well...what else could I ask for? A Saturday all for dancing. This is the way things should be.

Now...what high school had a rugby team?

I would be such a kick ass rugby player!!! I always felt like there was just something about soccer that wasn't enough for me. First of all, I was waaaaay too physical. I totally used to scare the crap out of the other team. I wasn't coordinated enough to be a forward or midfielder dribbling the ball, but I was a pretty decent defence. I was pretty scary....launching myself at either
a) the ball OR
b) whoever had the ball.

So, it was not that easy to get past me. And I think I used to draw a lot of penalties. BUT! If we had a rugby team...I think it would have worked out really nicely. I have too much agression to play soccer properly. Then, I could have gone on to playing at cegep level. Which would have been impossible for soccer 'cause I'd probably get cut the first day. Cegep rugby would have been cuts no one. And then I could tackle people and/or run like the wind! I always thought that I would play as a back, I can be speedy. But then I got to thinking. I could play flanker! That way, I could use my speed AND make hits! Ah, the pipedreams....

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Rugby. Salsa. Cameras. Who needs anything else?

This week is going SO much better than last week.

I could not wait for last week to end. More than usual, I might add. Just one bleh thing after another. But this week....

Well, I have to say, it started off with work. Rugby, Sunday morning, John Abbott college. Doesn't sound like it would amount to much at all. Especially with the rain and cold weather. Surprisingly, it turned out fairly decent.

It was cold as ass...and a bit drizzly. But rugby is rugby and I suppose I won't really tire of watching it. To kick it up a notch, people, whose company I actually enjoy showed up. Yay! On top of that, to support my home team (Dawson Blues!) we actually had cheerleaders. Whoa. That like, never happens. So hooray for school spirit.

Then, there were hot cup o' noodles to lukewarm our insides up. Nice. I won't say no to warm edible cups of pleasure in wet, muddy and cold conditions. There is only so much that a decent underarmor shirt can do for you (I still love you though).

A decent match all in all. Even though we came out with a loss, I though we put in a valiant effort. Then came the warmish, somewhat watered down but still welcome! (hot) chocolate. I'll take it! A bus ride home and hot cider from Second Cup with a friend did wonders...

Ah, Monday. Work....but I like my work, so I'm one of the lucky ones. I was also lucky enough to have someone bring me some classic KD...but topped off with little bits of hot-dog! I felt younger then than in many years....

Off to my first salsa experience!!! A series of spontaneous events lead up to this point.
My friend: a current salsa dance student.
Me: a current complainer of not being available to take regular salsa classes.
Genius: my friend locating a free salsa class on a night we were both free.
Result: dancing my little heart out! I love salsa!!

Ah, Tuesday. School...but first, a special stop. The camera shop!! I've had my eye on the Nikon CoolPix P4 and I had to have it. Smaller, faster, higher performance. My kind of toy.

With the company of another friend that shared my enthusiasm for all things that take photographs, we trudged through another morning of rain to get to our goal.

"Excuse me, do you carry the Nikon P4?" I asked, a little too calmly, given my insides were being attacked by invisible butterflies.

"'s not out here. Let me check in the back." replied Camera Store Guy.

Hmmm....I'm not sure if I should be worried or not.

"Yes! We have it." returned the triumphant Camera Store Guy.


But of course, I still need to see it. And ask my usual random questions that I already know the answers to but still asked to make the Camera Store Guy feel like he did some work.

Yeah, yeah. I'll take it. Here! Here's my credit card! Hurry up!

Well, it was more like:

"Ok. I'll take it. "

I have to say, I'm very proud of myself. I kept everything in the box and stuff until I got home. But I have to's beautiful. Not to knock my previous camera, the Nikon CoolPix 4300 (yes, I only like Nikons) but this was a newer generation. 4-5 years makes a HUGE difference in the world of technology. My new camera had double the megapixels, double the speed, more scene modes and a feature called vibration reduction. In other words, an image stabilizer. I've seen pictures taken by it from a moving car that were so sharp and clear that you wouldn't believe. All this for half the price of my previous CoolPix.

But I still love you too, 4300. I won't forget all the good times that we had together. I won't abandon you, but I just can't take you everywhere with me anymore. We still have some good years ahead of us, but we'll just have to pick our battles now. Forgive me.

We've captured so many moments together....

(this shot taken with my new P4!)

But now, I will make new moments with P4 now...

(ironically, these shots were taken with my 4300...)

Saturday, November 04, 2006

Old-School is Cool.

I can't believe that it's already November.

Somehow, I've made it this far. I survived the fall sports season (including the Hagen tournament...21 hours in a gym, watching basket-ball!) and made it through midterms in one piece...sorta. So, I've decided that I deserved something nice....all for myself!

I had my eye on some old school Adidas, but when I actually went to the store - the didn't have my size. Of course. Murphy's Law. Perhaps the salegirl saw the murderous look in my eyes because she very quickly mentioned that they may be available for my house.


Hah! They were! In a matter of minutes, my beautiful shoes were being UPSed to my home within 3-5 days. Nice.

And I didn't even have to pay for shipping. Nicer.

Now my old-school persona is just about complete. Word.